Monday, September 13, 2010

New Cabinets

Just ordered some new modules last week so I needed more room. So Saturday I built these. Two 16 space cabinets with 2 spaces on the back. The bottom one will be set up to house essentials for gigging, while the top will house the rest of the fun stuff for the studio. New modules on the way:
1) Q103 DC Power Interface
1) Q106 Oscillator
1) Q110 Noise
1) Q112 4-Channel Mixer
1) Q116 Ring Modulator
1) Q117 Sample and Hold
2) Q141 Oscillator Aid
1) Q161 Oscillator Mixer for Q106
1) QDH20 20-Cable DC Harness
1) QIC-16 16" Inter-Cabinet Cable

Now I just have to be patient and wait... I might build some cables to pass the time.

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