Monday, January 25, 2010

Casio RZ-1 Drum Machine Circuit Bent Part 2 Finished

Casio Drum Machine Circuit Bent Part 2 (Casio RZ1 RZ 1 RZ-1)Has a 24 point RCA patch bay that short circuits three of the four eprom chips. The different chips are for certain samples, so some patches effect only certain sounds. You can patch with in the chips and chip to chip. In addition to the patch bay there are four input / output on/off switch section with toggle switches and momentary buttons.

There is now a switch to bypass the RZ-1s main timing crystals with two getlofi 1799 precision oscillators to allow for some great pitch control. I still have a little bit of tweaking to do with some different pots and resistors.

I've added 10k pots on the top to easier access the samples tone control. Also, I replaced the internal permanent soldered battery with a replaceable one.

HUGE thanks to wotatwaat at exfade.orgfor his help!

Also, tucked deep in the lab is a RZ-1 Plus that I'm working on.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Casio RZ-1 Circuit Bent Part 1

Quick sample video of my work in progress. Has a 24 point RCA patch bay and a 4 in/out on off section. My next set of bends will be two pitch controls, momentary switches for the on/offs, and more accessible tone controls for the samples.

Also, tucked deep in the lab is a RZ-1 Plus that I'm working on.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Have Me - Music Video

All characters are me with a collection of my instruments.
These are the lyrics:
You, only you, have a hold on me.
Instruments: Drums: Yamaha DD-5 Drum Synth, Synth Guitar: The Key "looks like a keytar but its better", Bass Guitar: Ibanez SD GR, Laptop Computer: Compaq, Mini Keyboard: Casio.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Korg Electribe EA-1 Custom Wood Panel Mod

This is a real simple mod that i did. I just got tired of the toyish appearance of the EA-1 in contrast to my nicer synthesizers. I traces out some wood panels out of some pine I bought from Lowe's for under $4 (I know pine, right. I only had $5 cash and didn't want to use the debit card. Oak will be in the future, stained black). Then I took the Korg EA-1 Completely apart, everything. With the aid of a jig saw I cut off the excess plastic trim and sanded it smooth. I then carefully measured the inside to ensure my bolts would fit with out hitting the circuit boards. I think this synth has a much more stunning appearance than it had before.

This is what it originally looked like.